Lavan Island

Berths at Lavan Island Jetty

Lavan Jetty consists of 2 berths with an overall length of 378 meters. The outer berth (No.1) enjoys a water depth of 21.l3 Meters above CD, while the inner berth (No.2) has a water depth of 19.88 M above CD.

The capacity for berth No.1 is 150,000-225,000 MT DWT, Max arrival displacement 120,000 MT with maximum sailing draft of 19.20 M. And for berth No.2 a DWT of 25,000-65,000 with maximum sailing draft of 10.35 Meters.


No restrictions in terms of arrival displacement, height of manifold, LOA, and draft.

Vessels calling Lavan SBM must be equipped with the following:

EDP at Lavan Island

Early Departure procedure (EDP) is available at both the jetty and Lavan SBM. Vessels not sailing on EDP basis must wait for 2-3 hours after completion of loading to collect cargo documents.

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